Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans

Yeah, I know I usually entitle this one "The Week That Was" but it has been so long since I've done one of these that I didn't think that title was quite appropriate. Maybe I'll get back to that next week, if I'm not too tired to post.

I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do with this blog. I don't think posting once or twice a week is really enough but I have trouble coming up with content on the other days. I could do another tutorial and show you how to make this -

Crosshatch Stitch Baby Blanket
... but that will take some time to set up. There is also a variation on this where you start at one corner and work diagonally which is probably easier to start with. Of course, that only gets me one post. What do I do for others? I will also be putting the blog into hiatus while Sue and I tour UK and Ireland so I'm not sure how much I want to do before then. After the trip I will be able to bore you with all our holiday photos :).

Life is moving along here at Rose Manor in much the same way as it always has, with the only difference being the preparations for our upcoming trip. Our flights have been booked and paid for, the itinerary is being planned, some of the accommodation has been booked and this week we received our tickets for the Tattoo and our Oyster cards. Some might say that this trip is getting more real everyday.

On a crafty note, those of you who have been watching my Wednesday and Friday posts will have seen that I have finished some of my major projects and have already started more to replace them. I'm hoping to keep it down to 8 or 9 at any one time, but you never know, especially since I've started a side project with one of the ladies from church to make make Trauma Teddies. We'll see how that goes once I've refined the pattern that I came up with.

Today I went to a market in Beechworth. I've only ever been to one market in Beechworth before today and I did pretty well out of it on that day, but most of the markets there have either clashed with other markets or activities, or been on a Sunday, and since I don't do Sunday markets because I would prefer to be in church, I don't get to go to them. I had originally booked in for a twilight market back in January but that one got cancelled due to the heat and no one wanting to turn up, so my booking and fees were transferred over to today. The market is only supposed to run from 9:00am to 3:00pm but it took that long just to sell enough to make it to my "break even" amount and I wasn't feeling too happy about the day. However, since there were still quite a few people about, I decided to hang around a little longer, sew in the ends on a square I had completed earlier, and see what happened. I am sure glad I did as the sales I had in the last 40 minutes made the day worthwhile. I rarely sell more than $100 worth of goods, but those extra sales pushed me over that mark, so I'm quite happy now.

I have another market on Monday so I hope to get a but more sold then and I will hold off updating my to-do list until next week. I will say that I need to make up some more hanging towels as I running quite low on stock now. I might even get them out tomorrow and try and get a few made up while watching TV and eating chocolate.

I hope you've all had a good week and wish you all a Happy Easter or Passover as the case may be.


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