Friday, March 1, 2013

FO Friday 01.03.2013

I have finally managed to get an FO Friday update done. Both my FOs this week were actually ready for last Friday, but, due to a trip away, I was unable to post, so here are FOs 7 & 8 from me and FO number 3 for Sue (which was just finished today).

Graduation Owl
This little fella stands about 10cm (4") tall. I had been meaning to make him for a while as he seems to be an item that people like to buy.

Baby Blanket
I've been calling this stitch "Box Stitch" but I checked my book (The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches) and it's closer to the "Crosshatch Stitch". The only difference that I see is that where the Crosshatch Stitch has a dc (U.S. sc) this one uses a slip stitch. In any case, I think it's big enough now to call it finished.

And now for Sue's finished item.

1 Pair of Pink Baby's Bootees.
I couldn't find my stash of ribbon so I went out and bought some more.

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