Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday FOs 12.04.2013

Well, I've managed to finish a few more items this week. Nothing major, just some smaller pieces. Here they are.

Trauma Teddy #3
 I think I've now got this pattern down pat.

Hanging Towels made from Hand Towels

Hanging Towels made from Tea Towels
I had hoped to get more of these done but I didn't want making them to interfere too much with my other projects. I still have plenty more towels to work with so expect to see lots more of these.

That's it from me for this week. Check out the links in the sidebar to see what everyone else has been making.



  1. Oh, I'm sure whoever gets that trauma teddy will feel so comforted! So adorable!

  2. I love making those handtowels. That was the first thing I learned how to make when my great aunt taught me how to crochet and I haven't seen them again until just now! What a wave of nostalgia! Love them!

  3. Love the teddy. I see you've shortened his arms... Cute. Cute. Cute!