Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Growing up a Christian?

I grew up in a semi-religious family. I can't remember my parents going to church, except for wedding and the like, while I was growing up but they made sure that all us kids went to Sunday School.

Once I got into High School I stopped going to Sunday School and pretty much stayed away from church except for the odd wedding and funeral. It seems that I was like most young people, I didn't need God in my life, going to church was just a waste of a Sunday morning.

When my mother got ill Mum and Dad started going to church and I started feeling the pull, but I only attended when I was visiting them. It wasn't until I met this crazy woman who seemed to want to do some very pleasant things to me and wanted to get married and have the Salvation Army marry us that I started to attend church regularly. When my first wife went somewhat cold on me and eventually kicked me out I could have easily stopped going to church but decided to keep going and see where it took me.

I can't say that there was a defining moment when Jesus came into my life but there are definitely times when I'm glad He did.


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