Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Mayhem 08.04.2013

Last week I told you about how I came to be in Australia. This week I thought I would tell you something about my school years.

I went to 7 different schools as I was growing up. I started at Queanbeyan Public School but had only been there for 6 months when we moved to Cootamundra. My father had managed to get the job of foreman on the construction of the abattoir so we all moved and I spent a year at Cootamundra Primary before moving back to Queanbeyan Public School.

Before I finished primary Queanbeyan South Public opened up and we had the choice of continuing at Queanbeyan public or switching to the new school because we were on the borderline of the areas served by both schools. We chose to go to Queanbeyan South because it was actually closer. Toward the end of the year there was talk of making me repeat year 6 because it was thought that would be too young to start High School at the begining of the next year, but I made it difficult to justify such a move by coming Boys Dux of the school. My father wasn't particularly impressed by this though because I actually came 9th in the class, letting 8 girls beat me.

This is where things get a little interesting as I had a different High School for each year. I did most of 1st Form (Year 7) at Queanbeyan High before we move to Warramanga. There was no High School in the area at the time so I attended Melrose High for the remainder of that year and all the next. At the start of my 3rd year of High School Warramanga High opened up and I was transferred to there for 3rd Form (year 9). Towards the end of the year my father had decided he had had enough of the rat race that was Canberra and started arrangements for moving the whole family down to the south cost of NSW. The nearest school was a 45 minute bus ride away in Moruya, and this is where I completed 4th Form (year 10).

At the end of 4th Form my parents decided to pull me out of school because I was too lazy and not doing the work that was required of me, so that's where my schooling ending for a while. I think I'll leave the rest of that for a later day.



  1. It must have been tough changing schools so often. My kids did too because my husband and I were in the military and the boys were unable to form long term friendships from their school days.

  2. Very hard to catch up on school lessons moving so much.. :))