Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - The Logic of Belief

I thought I would use Thursdays to put down a thought for the week. Some thoughts will be humourous, some serious and some may even be controversial. Today's thought has a somewhat religious aspect.

Everybody believes in something and will use all sorts of arguments to justify our beliefs. Truth is, we all believe what we want to believe whether or not there is any truth in it.

I have made no secret of the fact that I'm a Christian, that I believe in God, Jesus Christ His son and the holy spirit. Since my background is in Computers, and I spent some 20 years programming them (something which requires a great deal of logic), some people might think that believing in God is a little odd as it doesn't seem logical to them. Belief is a heart thing and heart things are generally not logical.

Some time ago I came across a story of a man who was involved in Watergate and was put in prison for his part in the affair. He came to believe in Jesus because he and his cohorts were unable to hide the truth. Hi figured that if he and his cohorts couldn't hide the truth and keep themselves out of prison then the witnesses to Jesus' resurrection must have been telling the truth even though it got them put into prison. If all they had to do to stay out of prison was to recant their story then the reason they didn't do so indicates that they thought that the story had more value than their freedom.

I personally can't believe that anyone would stick to a story that got them imprisoned, tortured and killed if they had made it up, it is therefore logical to believe that they were telling the truth, that Jesus rose from the dead and showed himself to them. This tells me that God exists because only God could raise someone from the dead.


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