Thursday, October 3, 2013

Holiday Diary - Days 82, 83 and 84

Day 82

We got moving a little later than we should, managed to find a laundromat and get our washing done and then had a bit of trouble find a Post Office and a Bank. We eventually found both and got a tube pack for Sue's poster of Lee Mead and the cash for the car rental company.

We got back to the motel to find that we couldn't get into the room because they had canceled the key and we only had an hour to get everything packed ready for the flight home. Packing was very rushed and some things got left behind. Some because they were no longer useful, one because it wouldn't fit and one because I just plain forgot it, but we made it out OK, handing back the keys right on 3 o'clock.

We had a little trouble finding the right road to be on to get to the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Check-in desk but we got there.

Only one photo to show from this day.

Here we all are, ready for take-off
Day 83

Most of this day was spent in the air over Russia and China but we did land in Hong Kong before the day was over.

Somewhere over China

There's a very big river down there

And a rather large city

Might have been a couple of cities

This is one busy airport
Day 84

Flying into Sydney is quite spectacular and I got some surprisingly good photos.

The moon just before sunrise
It was only just a sliver but it was so bright it kinda over powered the shot with everything else being so dim.

The sun peeking over the horizon

The Hawksbury River

Sydney Harbour
In some ways it has been a tiring and somewhat stressful 12 weeks and I'm glad to be back in Australia, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Tonight we're settled into our motel room in Bomaderry after visiting with Sue's aunt and cousins, and giving them a few gifts. Tomorrow we drive back to Albury so we need to get some quality sleep tonight.

Now that the holiday is officially over life will return to normal (whatever that is) and this blog will return to its normal schedule (don't know how long it will take). I plan on trying to get a Monday Mayhem post done giving details of the holiday stash enhancements but I won't make any promises.


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