Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Unpacking

We moved into this place 3 weeks ago and we have been quite slack with our unpacking. We still have a stack of boxes in the garage with no chance of getting the car in there for quite some time to come.

This is what the garage looks like as of this afternoon.

The tubs on the left are for the markets that I attend so they will pretty much stay where they are until the next market. There are also some tables and other stuff just behind them so all my market stuff is quite accessible. The rest needs to be sorted into things that are staying in the garage, things that are going to move into the house and things that are going to be thrown away.

I have manage to sort some of it and it is stored in the back corner of the garage.

We have our first inspection on Friday so we're trying to concentrate on getting inside of the house tidy and we will probably worry about the garage later.

Next week I might show you the yarn storage.


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