Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Holiday Stash Enhancements

Yes, it's time to show you what yarn we bought while on holidays, so here it is.

Irish yarn made in Turkey
While in Ireland I did get to have a look and feel the wool produced over there and it was very course. It seems that Irish sheep are bred for their meat and not their fleece, so wool produced from their fleece is very course and only suitable for making outer garments, like jumpers (sweaters to Americans), and I had no intention of buying enough yarn to make a jumper. I ended up buying an Irish brand yarn just so that I could say that I bought some Irish yarn.

Scottish Wool
While visiting the National Wool Museum in Wales I found some samples of Scottish wool and since I didn't buy any while in Scotland I figured I would buy it here. It seems that the person that spins this yarn gets the fleece carded at the museum.

Welsh Wool
Of course I had to buy a sample of the yarn made in the museum just so that I could say that I had a sample of the local product so I bought this cone of undyed wool.

English yarn made in Turkey
I think the English have the same problem as the Irish, although I'm sure there are some sheep in England that can produce a good quality fleece. Maybe it's just cheaper to get the yarn made in Turkey. These ball of King Cole Twist cost me all of £1.00 per ball.

Crochet Cotton
I wasn't planning on buying anymore yarn but found this while wandering around a market attached to a shopping centre in Luton. The shop had a number of cones of various yarns at various prices but I just couldn't resist the price on this one. Just £5.00 for all this cotton.

Sue's only yarn purchase
Sue wasn't really into going into all the yarn shops as she was more interested in the sightseeing, but she couldn't resist buying this big ball in a shade of her favourite colour.

That's it for the yarn purchases. When I get all our yarn unpacked and stashed I might show you what it looks like but I'm not sure how long that will take.

I will try to show you the projects that I worked on while on holiday but I won't promise anything. Check back on Wednesday to see if I found the time to take the photos.


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