Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Our Yarn Stash

I have been promising to show off our yarn stash for a couple of weeks now so I thought I had better make good on that promise so here it is.

The Built in Wardrobe
The built ins here are a bit small so they don't really hold very much. This one holds the patterns (tub at top right) and an assortment of yarn in tubs and bags. There maybe a UFO or two in there also.

A free standing cupboard we brought with us
When we were thinking about where we were going to put things we weren't really sure where this cupboard would go until Sue decided it would be perfect for holding our main stash of 8 and 4 ply yarns as well as a couple of oddments.

Last week Spotlight gave out a few $10 vouchers, one for me for signing up on their web site and one each for just being VIP members, but the special ones were for a specific sale and had to be spent between 4pm and 8pm on Thursday night, so, even though we already had plenty of yarn, we went and bought some more, and here it is.

Yarn bought at Spotlight Thursday night that hasn't found
its way into the stash yet.
There is still about 3 garbage bags with more yarn and UFOs stacked away somewhere in the garage but that will get sorted eventually.

So, is it possible to have too much yarn? How much more do you think we need before we pass that mark?


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