Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Prize Winners

As I have already said previous, the local annual show was held this last weekend and I had 8 items entered and Sue had 1. Unfortunately, Sue didn't win any prizes for her first ever show entry.l I, on the other hand, won 6 prizes.

Here are the 8 items that I entered and the 6 prize cards,

8 Show Entries, 6 with prize tickets
I don't think I will be entering any more tartan rugs in this show, the judges just don't seem to appreciate them. The other item that didn't win a prize was the Alien Guy Doll. So, that's second place for Tommy Turtle, a pair of baby bootees, my hoodie and AustralianaV2, and first place to my 2 baby blankets. If you're wondering how both blankets can win first, one is wool and the other is acrylic so they get entered into different classes.

Now to plan my entries for next years show. I have another couple of baby blankets planned, another table runner, a doily (probably made from that big cone of cotton I brought back from the UK), a toy or 2 and something in tricot (always good for a prize since no one else seems to do it).


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