Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans - 16.11.2013

Another week has gone by and I have been very busy in one area and very slack in another. While my crocheting moves forward the garage still looks like it did a couple of weeks ago. We will get around to it eventually as I'm sure Sue will complain about not being able to park the car in it at sometime in the future.

Everything else seems to be motoring along as normal. Crochet class was quiet yesterday although I did have one pupil for part of the time. It seem that the guy in the sewing class wants to learn how to crochet. Unfortunately, he has trouble holding the yarn in the opposite hand to his crochet hook as he is somewhat used to knitting ( not that he has been knitting for all that long). I did manage to teach him something (I think) as he hadn't learnt how to bind off his knitting and always got his sister to do that for him.

There would normally have been a market today but it seems that it has been cancelled until further notice due to a lack of interest. I don't know if they tried to contact any of the regular stall holders to let them know but they don't appear to have tried to contact me. I only found out last night when I managed to get hold of the president of the club that runs it.

It seems that I may have passed a milestone with this blog recently as it is showing that I now have 50 followers. Feedspot is also showing that I have 25 followers so I'm not sure if that means that I actually have 75 followers now or if those 25 Feedspot followers are part of the 50 followers that Blogspot is reporting. In any case, I hope that they don't find my blogs to be too boring and that I can find some other items of interest to fill the other days and maybe attract a few more.

Well, that's it from me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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