Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans - 05.04.2014

I just checked back and see that it has been at least three weeks since I last did one of these updates, and quite a bit has happened in that three weeks, although I won't go into all the gory details, unless someone asks for them.

The main one was the prostate biopsy that I went in for a couple of weeks ago. It was most uncomfortable, quite painful and made just that much more awkward because the theatre nurse was a lady from church. The reaction I get from various people when I tell them this varies depending on the gender of the person I tell. The guys are sympathetic towards me and the women want to offer the lady in question therapy. It would be amusing if it weren't so uncomfortable, and if any woman wants to tell me about how bad her mammogram was I will have no qualms in giving her all the gory details of what I went through. On a more positive note, the test came back negative, however, they miss one in ten so I have to go for further tests to make sure I'm not one that they missed.

I have managed to keep up with all my assessments for college in spite of my little meltdown a few weeks ago, although I still need to do one before midnight tomorrow, and I'm still waiting for some sort of feedback to tell me if I'm doing OK or if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Looks like I might have to spend a couple of hours tomorrow to try and get this one done anyway.

There have been a couple of markets in the last couple of weeks and, while I haven't sold a lot of stuff, it has shown up some deficiencies. Namely in the area of boys baby clothes, so it looks like I'm going to have to extend my to-do list again (and I thought I was going so well). I might have to take time out from the towels to see what I can do about this deficiency.

Today's market was at My Beauty, a 200km round trip, and, while I only sold two pair of bootees, there was a positive vibe with quite a few people complimenting me on my work. I even heard from one of the other stall holders that he had overheard a couple of ladies talking about the quality and diversity of the stock I had and their surprise that it was a guy that had made most of it. Unfortunately, compliments don't pay the bills or replenish my supplies. Ah well, maybe the next couple of markets will be better.

I have two more markets this month. The next is at Myrtleford and the second at Beechworth on Easter Saturday. Myrtleford hasn't been particularly good lately but Beechworth has been quite profitable in the past so I'm hoping it can be even better this year.

That's it for me for the last few weeks. I hope you all had a good one.


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