Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans - 26.04.2014

This week has been a week of decisions. The first decision was to give up on my studies. Trying to keep up with housework and looking after Sue while studying just didn't seem to be working. I was getting too far behind on my studies and the housework wasn't getting done either. It is yet to be seen if the housework actually gets done now but at least there is one less thing demanding my time.

The second decision involved our online shop. I decided that I needed a Facebook page for it to see if that gets it any more attention. On that page I will be highlighting different products that we sell and showing off the newer items that I am adding each week. We will have to wait and see how that goes but I did get at least one like on the first day that I had it up.

Today we went for a little drive down to Wangaratta to check out the Wang Woolly Day. There was quite a bit there that I would have bought if we didn't have so much already on hand or had a specific project for but we didn't buy anything. In some ways it was a little disappointing as there wasn't as much there as I thought there might be but I did see a couple of ladies doing things that I hadn't tried yet, broomstick lace and hairpin lace. I don't know if I will ever try either but at least I have now seen first hand how it's done.

It being close to the end of the month and with good sales at recent markets I figured it was about time I reviewed my to-do list. This is what it looks like today.

Things to make to replace stock for my market stall:

Bottle Cosies in more team colours
Teapot Cosies
bag holders
Hanging Towels
Small Bunny
Jacket, Pants and Hat set in blue (need a couple of other colours also)
Sunhat and Bootees in white
Fans Bookmark

Current Work In Progress:

Toddlers Jacket
Trauma Teddies
Tartan Blanket – taken over from Sue
Tunisian Lace Wrap
Doily from an old pattern book I bought
Woollen Baby Blanket using Motifs from Ellen's book
Frida Fish
Matinee Jacket
Hanging Towels

Things I'm itching to get started on:

Crochenit Knee Rug (same as Cot Blanket and will also use up some of my stash of 8ply)
Crocheted Slocks
Banner for Stall
Table Runners for each Australian state and territory (currently trying to design the ACT one).
Tunisian Crochet Intarsia Table Runner

Dinosaurs (bought the patterns from PlanetJune)

There is plenty there for me to work on but if someone commissions something from me I will happily take it on (I know, I'm a sucker for punishment).

That's it from me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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