Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday FOs - 17.04.2015

I promised to tell a little story today to tell why I didn't work on as many WIPs as I would have liked, so here goes.

We arrived at my sister's place at about 7 pm on Sunday night and I presented my brother-in-law with his drink bottle cosy. My sister then asked where hers was and when I explained that her husband had asked for one and she hadn't she claimed that she didn't realise how nice it would turn out.

On Monday morning my sister and brother-in-law took my cousin and her husband for a bit of a walk and Sue and I drove into town to do a bit of shopping and then do a bit of exploring. Since Sue doesn't walk far we kept close to the car and drove from place to place. We found a bakery and bought ourselves some lunch and then headed back to the house.

After lunch I settled down to tackle the next drink bottle cosy in the series that I have been working on.

Drink Bottle Cosy in Gold Coast Suns colours
I think I should have made the yellow strips wider, but that's not part of the story. I was almost finished this when the others arrived back and my sister then asked if this one was for her. I said she could have it if she liked but it might be better is she selected more suitable colours.

Once that cosy was finished I pulled all the yarn that I had in my bag out and asked three of them to chose colours for their own drink bottle cosy and then I sat down and proceeded to make three more cosies.

Drink Bottle Cosies for my sister, cousin and cousin's husband
My sister wanted black, orange and white as that is the colour scheme for the Easts Tigers but I didn't have any black. That's OK because she had some black I could use. My cousin wanted hers in Australian team colours (green and gold) as a souvenir of her visit to our country and her husband want blue and white as he is a Sheffield United supporter. It was great to see that my hard work was appreciated as they made use of their cosies immediately.

I kinda surprised myself, being able to make three bottle cosies in just over 4 hours. One of these days I will write out the pattern so that it is easier for me to remember and others may be able to make these.

I still needed to make this week's beanie so yesterday afternoon I got stuck in and did it.

Beanie in Navy Blue and White (Geelong Cats)
I can't make these beanies as quick as I can the bottle cosies but I can still make one in an afternoon.

It has been quite a busy week this week and, while I haven't done as much as I would have liked, I still managed to get quite a bit done. If you want to see what other people have made this week, just follow the links in the sidebar.


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  1. Great work! What a wonderful gift for loved ones :)