Friday, June 10, 2011

FO Friday 10/06/2011

I think this week has been quite productive, although I only managed to complete 3 items.

I finished 2 jug covers using patterns that I've had for a while but never actually made before.

Large Round Jug Cover with Pink Beads

Large Square Jug Cover with Assorted Colour Beads
I didn't have enough beads of one colour to do the square one so I used all colours of the rainbow on each side.

I also completed a pair of booties.

Mauve Booties
These complete a jacket, bonnet and booties ensemble. I just wish I had a model to wear them to show them off properly.

I will have more jug covers completed for next Friday as they only take a couple of days to make, but the rest of my projects are quite large so it will be a while before they're featured here.



  1. Such cute booties! I like the covers too, good idea for summer :)

  2. How do jug covers work? Do you just tie them over a lid with a ribbon?

  3. Beautiful work, Richard. I will say, this must be jug/jar cover week! You're the third link today with them! I love the rainbow beads you used.

  4. Those jar covers are so beautiful! Amazing work!

  5. I just bought a book from the op shop with those lovely jug covers in them..
    There are some lovely doilies that can be turned into covers ...
    Love your work :))

  6. The beads add a wonderful touch to the jug covers. The booties are very cute. Great job!