Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday 29/06/11

More crafting goodness from the Roses' place this week. Sue graciously handed over a few more items to be photographed so there's plenty to see. Unfortunately, once again I can't upload any pics so I will resort to using Flicker.

Firstly, I'll go through Sue's crafting goodies, starting  with the cape she's making for herself. When she she was getting tired of the long knit rows she worked on this cot blanket.

Sue  also wanted to show of a couple of tartan rugs, one in Murray of Athol colours and one in Salvation Army colours. It has actually bee a while since she has done anything  with these but she thought people might like to look at them.

In the meantime, a young lady at a recent market asked me to make her a beanie. I was going to try knooking this one but was having a great deal of trouble so decided to scrap that idea and knit it instead. Here is my progress so far.

Since last Wednesday, I have also added a couple of squares to my Tunisian Crochet Blanket, added the next section of my "2 for the road" scarf, done a few more patches for my crochetnit blanket, added a few more rows to my toddlers jacket and started another jug cover.

I also completed a couple of items but you will have to wait until Friday to see those.


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  1. Great WIPs for both of you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the light purple cape Sue is working on!