Friday, July 1, 2011

FO Friday 01-07-2011

Time to show off the objects that I've finished this week. I would show off some of Sue's but she hasn't finished anything for a while, although it looks like the cape will be finished on time for her hospital stay.

First off is another jug cover.

Medium Jug Cover in variegated pink with pink beads
I still need to do more of these so expect another couple to appear next Friday.

Fan Bookmark in variegated pink
While I had the variegated pink #20 out I thought I might as well make one of these. Hopefully I will have a couple more for next week.

Knitted Beanie in shades of purple and cream
A young girl bought herself a pair of gloves from a neighbouring stall-holder and want a beanie to go with them. I do hope that I've managed to match the colours used and make it the right size as I won't see her until August as that particular market is only every second month. If I've got it wrong she will have to wait another 2 months for a replacement unless we can make alternate arrangements. I'm thinking that my knitting must be getting faster as this only took me 4 days to make and I'm sure others have taken weeks.

That's what's been on my hooks and pointy sticks this week. If you want to see more FO Friday goodies just check out Tami's Amis.



  1. That fan bookmark is beautiful!

  2. Wow, I really like the bookmark!

  3. Neat! I had never heard of a jug cover, so I had to go look it up. : )
    Your projects are very nice.

  4. Love the beanie and the jug cover -- but I think my favorite has to be the bookmark!!! So pretty!

  5. Love the jug cover.. :)) I use mine all the time..
    Pink is such a pretty colour..

  6. I really really love the bookmark! That has to be my favorite!