Friday, July 29, 2011

FO Friday 29-07-2011

A couple of my major projects were so closed to finished thins week that I decided to get stuck in and finish them so that I could show them off today, but first I'm going to show you a small one that only took a few days to make.

A Pink Robot
This is to replace the blue robot that I sold at my last markets.

I finished the crochenit blanket.

Crochenit Blanket - front
Crochenit Blanket - back
I decided to do a relatively simple scallop edging instead of the fancy edging called for in the pattern, mainly because I didn't think I had enough yarn left to do the one int the pattern after adding more patches to make the blanket bigger.

I added the finishing touches to the Toddlers Jacket this afternoon.

Toddlers Jacket - tunisian crochet - pattern by Ellen Gormley (GoCrochet)

Someone on Wednesday asked to see a close up of the stitch but I'm not sure that my camera is very good at close ups, but here it is.

Close up of Tunisian Cross Stitch
I got a few comments and queries about the towel hangers that I showed last Friday so I figured I would try to answer the questions  this week. Here is one of the tower hangers with a towel.

Towel Hanger with Towel
The pattern is called Cristmas Rose Towel Ring and is written by Pricilla Hewitt. It is available as a free download. The rose is crocheted to one ring just over halfway around then the second ring is added and the round completed over both rings allowing a towel to be threaded through the ring. The ties enable the towel hanger to be hung on almost any handle.

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  1. I love the pink robot! Awesome!

  2. Great job on all counts! Pssst do yo think you can talk with my hubby my sons are learning but can't quite get him to take needle working serious :P he has high blood pressure I told him this would calm him down ... sigh one day :P

  3. Great FO's!! I love the robot - s/he's so cute!!

  4. I love that robot to pieces, and the Tunisian stitch on that jacket is just beautiful. I learned very basic Tunisian crochet this winter but haven't used it yet for an actual project.

  5. The robot is fantastic, especially his goofy cute head!

  6. The blanket came out great! I think The scalloped edge was the perfect edge for it.

    Thanks for clarification on the towel holder. I guess I was missing that you made this around rings that held the towel.

  7. Well done on all your projects - you've certainly been busy! And I agree with Calophi, the scalloped edge on the blanket was a good call!

  8. The robot is amazingly adorable!!! Great job with it all!

  9. Wow, you've been busy! Love that blanket.

  10. The robot stole the show. It is gorgeous!

  11. Pricilla has some great patterns :))
    Love the robot,it will be a winner for sure.
    The blanket worked out beautifully. :))

  12. Gracious, you have gotten a lot done! The robot is adorable. Thanks for the closeup of the Tunisian crochet...I'd never seen that detail before. It's a really good-looking fabric!