Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Week That Was 23-07-2011

This has been another busy week with a lot of time spent at the hospital visiting Sue. All this time spent at Sue's bedside has meant that quite a bit of work has been done and one project has been completed with another almost complete.

Sue managed to get permission to get out of the hospital on Thursday to go and visit her chiropractor as she was in considerable pain in her neck back and hips. All this sitting and laying around in hospital beds just doesn't seem to do her much good, and now that she has 2 good knees she is finding that more pressure is being put on other parts that aren't in good shape. Hopefully, once she recovers from her op, she will be able to do something about her weight and take some of the pressure off her hips and back.

Sue had another outing from the hospital yesterday when she was brought home by the Occupational Therapist who wanted to look around the home and see how she coped with everything. He was quite pleased with how she only leaned on things to get her balance and not put all her weight on them for support. She will still need my help with a lot of things and I guess I will be doing all the housework for a while yet.

After finishing a few items this week it's time to review my to-do list so here it is.

Things to make to replace stock for my market stall:

2 Small Toys
Pink Baby's Sunhat
String Bags
Set of Wine Glass Socks

Current Work In Progress:

Rose Clan Dress Tartan Rug
Tunisian Crochet Blanket
Crochetknit Blanket
Knitted Scarf
Toddlers Jacket

Things I'm itching to get started on:

Jumper (sweater to you Americans) for me - I've ordered the wool
Doily in #40 cotton
Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth (for tutorial I want to write)
Crochenit Cot Blanket (I want to try a method for doing rows that are longer than the hook)
Crochenit Knee Rug (same as Cot Blanket and will also use up some of my stash of 8ply)
Crocheted Slocks
Something from my "99 Granny Squares" book
Something in Tunisian Crochet Lace (I'm thinking of modifying Ellen's Jacket pattern by substituting a lace stitch in the main body of the pattern)
Something from Ellen's new book.

That should be more than enough to keep me busy for a while.


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  1. A lot of hooking there Richard, those pins and hooks are going to be flashing LOL... :))