Friday, July 8, 2011

FO Friday 08-07-2011

Another Friday has arrived with more FOs for your viewing pleasure.

Firstly, as promised, Sue's cape.

Sue wearing her cape
The only things I've managed to finish this week are jug covers, three of them.

Medium Jug with Yellow Beads

Medium Jug Cover with Pink Beads

Medium Jug Cover with Blue Beads
One more of these jug cover and I will be able to move onto other things.

For more FO Friday goodness see Tami's Amis.


  1. The jug covers are very pretty, but I don't understand? What's a jug cover? Are they thread or yarn? Sue looks like she loves her cape, very nice!

  2. I really like your jug covers. I sort of wish I had a reason to make them.

  3. I like the jug covers,so delicate. Like doilies, but useful :-)

  4. Sue I love the cape. well done with all that knitting :))
    The jug covers are a very handy item to have they are looking great..
    You sure are motoring along with FO's :))

  5. That's a very nice picture of Sue in her cape. Nice job on the jug covers too.