Saturday, July 2, 2011

The week that was 02-07-11

This week has bee dominated by two sick computers. One (which contains shared files) has failed and I don't know whether I can resurrect it. I still have a couple of things to try with it. The other appears to be in the process of failing, it keeps shutting down at odd intervals. The problem appears to be somehow connected with the mouse as it slows down and the buttons don't seem to do what they're supposed to. Looks like we will be spending a tax refund on new computers this year.

Apart from the computer problems everything seems to be going swimmingly. Sue is getting excited about her operation and most of our crafting efforts are progress well. I tried my hand at knooking this week, and my first effort failed miserably, however, I tried again and seem to be making better progress with my second effort. I'm not sure that I can knook faster than I can knit (I'm a pretty slow knitter) but I think it may be easier to knook in the round than knit in the round.

Today we went out to lunch to celebrate Sue's birthday which is in a couple of weeks time. Sue decided she wanted to celebrate today as she is scheduled to go into hospital on Thursday and isn't supposed to get out until after her birthday. While hospital isn't the best place to be on your birthday Sue isn't going to knock back the surgery date as she really needs to get her knees fixed.

That's about it for this week. Hope your week has been better.


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