Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Week That Was 16-07-2011

A very different week this week with at least 2 hours each day spent at he hospital visiting Sue.

Sue is doing quite well in some respects but not so well in others. Having her knees fixed seems to have put a great deal of strain on her hips and she has been complaining of serious pain in her right hip. Her chiro made an unauthorized visit to the hospital a fixed her up but we don't know how long that will last. She need to be able to bend both knees at to at least 90 degrees before they will let her out of rehab but she is struggling to get past 80 at the moment.

Today was Sue's birthday so I wrapped up a present for her, bought her a cake and we ordered some takeaway from our favourite chinese restaurant and had a little birthday celebration  at the hospital. Not exactly the best environment for a party but maybe we'll do something special when she gets out.

Since there isn't much we can do at the hospital other than sit and knit and/or crochet while chatting, I have been quite productive this week as can be seen in my WIP Wednesday and FO Friday posts. I should be able to complete my "2 for the road" scarf and my crochenit blanket shortly (finished stitching the blanket together this afternoon and now only need to do the border).

I'm thinking that once I get a few of my projects finished I might try and restrict myself to one project for each discipline. That is, one crochet project, one knit project, one knook project, one tunisian project and one crochenit project. This means that I will only have 5 projects on the go at any time instead of the 8 that I currently have. There is, of course, an exception to this rule as I still need to replace things I sell and orders always take priority.


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  1. thinking of you Sue :))
    One project !!! Never LOL.. In a year where I promised to complete my ufo's, I have fallen behind badly.. started many others and not finished them.. :))
    We can only try, LOL..
    So good luck with that one Richard :))