Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday 15/06/2011

It has been another busy week with plenty of crochet and knitting being done around here. I have a couple of item ready for FO Friday and plenty of progress on the ones that aren't ready yet.

First off, on Sue's needles is a cape that she has had several attempts at making.

Ladies Cape in Purple Wool/Alpaca blend
She started off costing on 433 stitches and is down to working with 320 now. Her first attempt was too small for her, her second seemed to have problems with the tension on the different panels so this one is being done in one piece.

I have finished the knitted beanie I was making and have now started on the scarf to go with it.

Knitted Scarf in Red Heart Boutique
I will show off the beanie on Friday.

I have added another square to the Tunisian Mitred Square Blanket.

Tunisian Crochet Mitred Square Blanket
I'm still working on jug covers.

Large Jug Cover
I have made this pattern before as a 2 colour in finer cotton but I needed more large jug covers so this is plain white #10 cotton. I finished one earlier in the week and will show it on Friday.

I have made a few more patches for my crochetknit blanket.

Patches for Crochetknit Blanket
I hope to have a few more made for next week but it will be a little while before I'm ready to start stitching it together.

I also added a couple of rows to the toddlers jacket and the "2 for the road" scarf but not enough to show up on a photo so I didn't bother photographing them.

That's what's been on the Roses' hooks and needles this week. What's been happening at your place?



  1. I love the combination of colours in the crochetknit blanket!

  2. Lots of great projects, love the knit crochet blanket

  3. WOW you've been busy! Everything looks great!

  4. Oh I love the jug cover.... makes me remember my great aunt who used to make them and bead them :)

  5. Everything is lovely but I am especially loving the jar cover - beautiful!

  6. wow, you guys have been busy ! The jar cover is very pretty :-)

  7. Lots of great projects going on over there. I love that scarf.

  8. Everything is gorgeous, Richard! You both have been busy! I love the purple of the cape. I'll keep my fingers cross that this one works up perfect. What RH Boutique yarn is that? It's beautiful!