Saturday, June 4, 2011

The week that was 04/06/2011

This week has been another fun week with plenty of knitting and crochet getting done. I managed to finish 10 hand towels and a baby's bonnet as well as making a dent in a few other projects.

Since we didn't have craft group this week we decided to join the ladies at our LYS for there knitting group on Tuesday afternoon. The group was quite a bit smaller than usual as some of the ladies were off at some show, but we still enjoyed ourselves and plan on going back on Tuesday week (we have our own craft group to look after this week).

We didn't have any markets today and my 2 on-line shops have yet to attract any sales so there is anything to be added to my to-do list this week, although I think I may have left something off it last week. This afternoon was spent at Spotlight where a knitting party had been organised but Sue and I were the only ones that turned up, so that was a little disappointing.

Other than the usual gym and crochet class that's our week in a nutshell.

See you next time.


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