Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Week That Was 18-02-2012

I started college on Monday and am now a full time student. Already this has affected what projects I work on as I can only take a couple of portable projects with me to work on during my lunch hour. The course I'm studying is Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (Web Technologies) or Cert II Web Development for short.

So far I've learnt a bit about Word (a product that I used a bit while working as a programmer), Adobe Flash (this one is new to me), Adobe Photoshop (I used it a little bit for some odd jobs but I preferred using the Gimp for simple image manipulations), OH&S (part of the hardware side of the course and something that all employed people and their employers should already know about), HTML and social media (I got to set up a new Facebook account for use while at college). It's not all fun and games and I'm kinda dreading the writing reports and documentation side of things as I'm not real good at these things.

Of course, not being able to take my larger or more complex projects with me has meant that progress has slowed considerably on those, but it hasn't stopped, so I should still have a bit to show for WIP Wednesday posts.

Today was market day at Thurgoona and while I did better than the last time I went to this market (two months ago when I didn't get any sales) I didn't do particularly well. I was hoping that I would make enough today to help pay for the petrol to get my next market which is just over an hours drive away, but the $15 (less the $5 stall fee) isn't going to get me that far. The things I sold today don't need to be replaced in a hurry so I don't need to change my to-do list just yet.

That it from me for this week, hope you all had a good one.


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