Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday 08-02-2012

Only a few items got worked on this week but those that did had quite a bit of progress. My main project this week has been the Daffodil Teacloth.

3rd segment of Daffodil Teacloth
And when my eyes got tired of focusing on #40 cotton, I did a bit of work on my first glove.

Men's Afghan Stitch Glove
That's the palm side of the right hand glove finished. Time to get started on the back of the hand.

In between working on these two I was making up some hanging towels, but since I finished them and wanted something else to work on, I added a few more rows to the slanted scarf.

Slanted Scarf
Next week is going to be a little different and I'm not entirely sure how much time I'm going to be able to spend crocheting or knitting as I will be at college. Maybe I will be able to work on something during my lunch break. On the other hand, crochet class starts up again on Friday (college is only Monday to Thursday so I can still teach on Fridays) so I'm sure I will be able to work on something. There are also craft markets starting up again and I have 3 this month so I should be able to work on a few projects at those, unless I'm run off my feet serving customers (that would be a real change).

As usual, there are more WIPs  to see over on Tami's Amis and Ginny's Yarn Along.



  1. You've been busy! Everything looks great. :)

  2. Its looking good so far.. A little each day will soon have them finished..
    Have a great day :))