Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday 01-02-2012

Well, it has been quite a busy week this week with some of my regular activities starting back up after the summer holiday period. Craft and Cuppa started back a couple of weeks ago and we had our second session of the year today as this is a once a fortnight activity. Unfortunately, this may be my last craft and Cuppa for a while as I will be at college in a couple of weeks. I just have to wait and see what my time-table looks like.

On Monday we had an orientation morning at the community centre where I teach crochet so I took all my projects with me to show everyone what I could teach them to do and took advantage of the air conditioned surrounds to do a little work on things that I have difficulty in working on at home.

So, progress has been made on ...

... the Crochenit Cot Blanket ...
... and ...

... sleeves for my hooodie (Dawg by Drew Emborsky) ...
... as well as ...

... the Angled Scarf ...
... and ...

... the Toddler's Jacket (Zoom by Ellen Gormley).
I have no idea why the colours on this one didn't come out right. The background should be the same blue as all the other pictures which were all taken in the same light. The purples don't quite look as purple as they should and the pinks look a little too pink. Maybe one day I'll figure this out and take perfect pictures every time, or maybe I'll get a new camera.

One item that is progressing a little slower than desired is the pair of men's gloves.

Men's Afghan Stitch Gloves
Most of the other people in the TCAL are already onto the fingers and I haven't even got up to the thumb.

Most of my progress has been on the Daffodil Teacloth with the second segment being finished and attached to the first and the third segment started.

First 2 segments of the Daffodil Teacloth

Third segment of Daffodil Teacloth
Of course, since I can't concentrate on this fine cotton for long periods, I have still managed to complete a couple of items, so come back on Friday if you want to see them.

I'm also debating whether I will join another CAL. Planetjune is having a plant-a-long for February and I'm quite interested in making some of these.

For more WIP Wednesday goodness, checkout Tami's Amis and Ginny's Yarn Along, and keep the comments coming, I enjoy reading about what you think of my creative efforts. :)



  1. I just love your daffodil teacloth, it is an heirloom piece!
    Happy Yarn Aong!

  2. You're cooking along on a lot of projects!
    That teacloth will be a thing of wonder and admiration when it's finished!

  3. Wow, that is a spectacular list of projects! Agreed with everyone else that your tea cloth will be something to pass down through your family. All of it's beautiful, though!

  4. the daffodil cloth is soo beautiful!

  5. Wow--that daffodil teacloth is impressive! And I love the colors in the toddler jacket--That child will NOT be getting lost in a crowd! ;-) Everything looks great!

  6. The angle scarf has me intrigued..:))
    And of course the daffodil teacloth I love the progress you are making on it..
    Can you tell me again what stitch you are using in the hoodie ?? I have forgotten..

    1. It's a simple dc, tr (sc, dc if you're used to US naming) repeat where you dc into the dc in the previous row and tr into the tr in the previous row.

  7. All your projects are just beautiful! I don't know how you find the time :o)

  8. You've been busy! That daffodil teacloth is to die for. It will be treasured for generations. :)