Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday FOs 10.05.2013

I have a few FOs for you this week, one of which some people have been looking forward to seeing (if comments on my Wednesday WIPs posts are to be believed). Here they are.

Tommy Turtle
This is the one that people have wanted to see finished. Well, here it is. Eventually he will be available in my shop but not until after we've been on holidays.

Hanging Towels
I still have plenty of towels to make up and I'm sure it will help to have spares when I next get to the markets.

Trauma Teddy #7
I'm kinda losing count of these and will have to check what I have taken pictures of to actually work it out. I have 5 shown on Ravelry but I'm sure there's another one that needs to be added.

Cup Cosy
I finished the cup cosy and put it to use. As you can see the cup is a little worse for wear after it fell out of my bag last week.

That's all of my FOs for this week. I'll have to review my to-do list now to see what item I'm going to make next now that the turtle is finished.

To see more FOs just check the links in the sidebar.


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  1. Love your turtles. I'm always a sucker for turtles.