Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Sport 1

I first starting playing my first sport as a child, except it wasn't really a sport, just a game I played with my brother. A lot of people still don't consider it a sport because there is no real physical effort involved. It is actually a game of skill. Darts.

All through my teenage years I remember having a dart board hanging up somewhere either in the house or on the back fence. I also remember getting trounced by my brother as he was so much better than me However, we were both surprised one day when we found out how good mum was.

Mum came in from hanging washing and my brother and I were playing a game which involved one of us hitting as many bulls-eyes as we could until we had hit ten, while the other tried to amass as big a score as they could (without hitting bulls-eyes). Mum asked to have a go and since I wasn't going to well I figured she couldn't do much worse than me so I let her have my turn. It was my turn to hit bulls-eyes. Mum put all three darts in the bull, two in the outer and one in the inner.

I did play competition darts for a while in Canberra and Melbourne but gave it up not long after I went into uniform. Apart from the idea of a uniform salvationist going into drinking establishments for something other than collecting donations just didn't seem quite right. I was never a great dart player anyway, I ranked myself as average with patches of brilliance.


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