Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mayhem - Marriage #1

As the title might tell you, I've been married more than once.

My first wife (Amanda) was my best friend's wife's half sister, so you can probably figure out how we met. We didn't hit it off at first, in fact she wasn't at all interested in me and I only really had a passing interest in her.

A couple of years down the track and we got a bit more friendly toward each other and even shared a bed one night, but only to sleep in, nothing else happened that night.

Another year on and I had moved from Canberra down to Melbourne. I made quite frequent trip back to Canberra and on one of those we got together again, and this time we went quite a bit further. She and her 3 year old son ended up travelling down to Melbourne with me and we spent 2 weeks together and it was very pleasant. After the 2 weeks were up we decided to part company and I drove her and her son back to Canberra.

A few years later and I was less than satisfied with my job. I had considered quitting and joining with my housemate in a business venture. In the meantime Amanda had recently broke up with her latest boyfriend and wanted to get out of Canberra for a little while so she once again came down to spend a couple of weeks with me. During that 2 weeks everything seemed to change. I had another reason to quit my job, this time so I could go back to Canberra, and I did just that.

At the start of our relationship Amanda did things to me that were most pleasant and I really enjoyed our time together, but, over the a period of about 9 months (during which we were married) she seemed to change. She did less for me but demanded the same attention from me that I had given her from the start and the relationship started to feel to much like hard work. The tension increased between us until it reached breaking point and she kicked me out. Eventually she hooked up with someone else and filed for divorce.

I only saw her a couple of times after that. Officially the marriage lasted for 2 years. So much for marriage number one.


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