Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday WIPs - 22.05.2013

There has been quite a bit happening around Rose Manor this week and not all of it to do with crochet, but more of that on Saturday. Today's post is all about WIPs so here they are.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley
My progress on this is getting a little less visible, but progress has been made.

Baby's Jacket, Pants and Hat Ensemble
All the crocheting has been done, now all that's left is sewing on buttons, sewing in ends and trimming the elastic. If I get stuck into this tomorrow it will be ready for Friday.

Baby's Boottee
While I was collecting the lady I was with mentioned boottees so I decided to show her my favourite boottee. It took about an hour to make this one so now I need to make another so that I have a pair.

Crochenit Cot Blanket
Still working on the first side of the border. It's slow going on these long rows.

Koala - designed by Planetjune
The body and the arms are complete, now for the legs and the assembly.

Amigurumi Monkey
All the parts of this are finished. Just need to stuff those bits that need stuffing and sew him all together. I could possibly get this one finished for Friday as well, if I get myself motivated.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
One good thing about working with a self striping yarn, it's very easy to see progress.

AustralianaV2 - designed by me
I guess the "visible progress" also works well with filet as new elements get revealed every few rows.

Woollen Baby Blanket - Square 51 from "99 Granny Squares to Crochet"
I've reached the half way mark. Just 18 more square to go.

One good thing about sitting at a table collecting money for charity, there is plenty of time to crochet.

To see what everyone else has been working on this week, check out the links in the sidebar.



  1. Wow you've been very busy, so many varied WIP's! I love the tunisian spiral blanket, gorgeous!

  2. Crochet is constructive and keeps one happy! I think everyone should do some kind of needlework! Love all of your work! :)