Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday FOs 14.06.2013

My tally of FO's is now at 53 for the year. I don't know if I can manage 100 this year, it will depend on how much I get done while on holidays. Here my four items for this week.

3 Hanging Towels
More hanging towels to add to the collection.

Koala Bear - designed by Planetjune
I'm not sure about the positioning of the ears but otherwise it turned out OK.

No Trauma Teddies now until I get back from holidays. The lady that I give them to has gone on holidays herself and won't be back until I'm on holidays and I didn't want to stockpile them.

Check out the links in the sidebar to see what others have been making this week.



  1. Oh wow, 53 FOs already this year? That's amazing to me. Have a good vacation!

  2. Now that Koala is adorable :)) congrats on finishing 53 items.. Well done :))