Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Holiday Preparations

Holiday preparations are always a bit of a trial. I always manage to forget something. Forgetting something when you're going to visit family or friends isn't too bad, you can often borrow or buy replacements for those items. Even if you're travelling to strange places within your own country it's not too bad, but when you're traveling overseas there is little opportunity to turn around and go back for something.

This will be the first time either of us have been out of the country (if you don't count the trip I made to get here as a baby) so it's the first time either of us have had passports. All our tickets are paid for, our accommodation has been booked and most of it paid for, we've bought quite a few train tickets (historical railways is one of our interests), tickets to the Tattoo and tickets to a show. We even have our international drivers licenses. Now all we have to remember is to take all of the paperwork with us when we go.

Just to add to all of the stress of preparing for an overseas holiday, we've decided to vacate our residence, since it saves us quite a bit in rent.

Next Thursday the removalist is coming to move most of our belongings into storage, then 5 days later he will come back and move the rest. The cleaners are booked to come in on the Monday and Tuesday with the real estate agent coming in Tuesday afternoon to pick up the keys and do a final inspection. After that we will be on our way to visit family before catching a train to Sydney. Once we leave here there will be no turning back to pick up something that we forgot but at least we won't have to worry if we left the oven on.

I don't know that I could do this sort of thing on a regular basis like some people seem to do, but I'm looking forward to going.


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