Monday, December 13, 2010

A baby's blanket and a couple of tea cosies.

Both Sue and I finished items on Saturday, and then I finished another today, so here are the photos.

I figure I'll do Sue's Baby's Blanket first.

This was quite an achievement for her as she didn't have a pattern. One of our neighbouring stall holders back in Canberra had a finished item on her stall and Sue liked it so much she decided to copy it, but rather than get the pattern off this other lady, she worked it out for herself. I think the border still needs a little work, but I'm quite impressed that she was able to it. She has modified the pattern a little and has started making another in pink.

I originally got this pattern from another of the stall holders but I seem to have misplaced it so I had to make this from memory, which isn't particularly easy for me as I usually forget things quite quickly. I do, however, remember that the pattern called this a "van dyke".

And, just to show I'm quite versatile, I found a pattern for a "Rosey Cosie" and tried my hand at make it.

It is made from the top down. I did have a few issues with the pink around the base as the pattern got a little confusing. I wasn't sure if the "next stitch" was the one after the last dc or the one after the "fptr in the 4th stitch from hook". It didn't look like it was going to work too well going into the stitch after the fptr so I interpreted the pattern to mean the stitch after the last dc. I think it worked out OK.

I am currently making another cosy, but this time from a pattern that I kinda made up myself using the "leafhopper stitch" that I found in my copy of "Crochet Stitches". I decorate it with roses, the pattern for which I found on the web. I would like to get 2 more cosies done before Saturday as we have another market at which to try and sell some stuff.

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