Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A bedspread and a blanket

When Sue first showed me the pattern for a bedspread she wanted me to make I first wondered where we were going to get 4300 grams of yarn all from the same dyelot, so we decided that I would do it in 4 shades of brown, that way we would only need 1100 grams of each, which is much easier to source. Here is the result.

We have had several favourable comments about it but it usually doesn't come out until the real estate people want to do an inspection. It's amazing how tidy our bedroom looks when the mess is hidden by a bedspread :).

Since we went for the cheaper acrylic option, I didn't actually need 4400 grams of yarn. I may have needed that much in wool, but acrylic is so much lighter, so we had quite a bit left over. Some of the leftover went into a blanket which now covers the lounge.

This is another of Sue's creations using the knitted magic square.

If you have been watching my previous blog posts you may even recognise that these are the same colours as used on one of my scarves. We had quite a lot of yarn left over!

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