Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday - The UFO list

Today I took photos of all the UFOs I could find except one. I couldn't find my latch-hook rug (probably in a box in the storeroom) and I didn't think it fair to show Sue's unfinished latch-hook if I wasn't showing mine, so, without further ado, here are the UFOs in order they are likely to get finished. First mine:-

This first one is a tea cosy that I'm making for Saturday's market. Since taking this photo I've managed to stitch it up and start on the flowers that will adorn the top.

Once I've finished the tea cosy I will probably make a couple of bookmarks to replace the ones I gave away this afternoon (it was a Christmas Party for people who make use of the pool at the leisure centre where Sue and I exercise).

The next job to be finished will be the following conglomeration of bits.

When finished, this will be a teddy bear. It just needs to be stitched up and stuffed.

This is one of two projects that I carry around with me to doctor's and Chiro offices. I have to get this one finished soon so that I can reduce the nagging from Sue as these are going to be arm rest covers for her armchair. She was getting jealous because I had a pair on my chair.

This is the other project goes with me whenever I go out. It's a bonnet to go with a jacket that I finished last month in Beechworth. Once I finish this I will need to make a pair of booties to go with the ensemble.

This was originally started as a possible entry into the Royal Canberra Show, but didn't get finished in time for this year's show and won't make it for next year's either as entries have closed already. I'm hoping to have it finished in time for next year's Albury Show in October. This is the first item I have ever made with two colours and I'm having a few issues with it.

This is the Rose Clan Hunting Tartan and will be put on hold until the weather cools. Blankets like this just aren't real good to work on in 30°C temperatures.

This is a baby's jacket that Sue knitted that she has now handed over to me to finish. Unfortunately, she hasn't given me the pattern, so I can't do much with it.

And now for Sue UFOs.

This is the start of the pink baby blanket to match the blue one I posted the other day.

The following are various blankets that Sue has started and may complete someday.

That's seven blankets all up, and I keep telling her that blankets don't sell very well and that she should stick to baby's clothes as they do sell. Of those there is one that I could end up finishing myself as it is a simple crochet pattern that I've done before. I think I'll leave all the knitted ones and the tartan (Murray of Athol for those that are interested) to her.

That's it for the UFOs. Next Wednesday I will restrict this list to those UFOs that have seen some progress during the week. Any that get finished will be published separately.

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