Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run out of Photos

Well, it had to happen, I ran out of things that I've photoed for showing off and now I have to start thinking about what I going to do with this blog.

I do have a couple of items that I can take a photo of and show everyone, but that will only be good for a couple of days.

I could just stick to my saturday "Week that was" and Sunday sermon posts with the occasional craft post but that doesn't seem like a particularly good idea.

Maybe I could do a run down on my UFOs, complete with pictures.

I could keep everyone up-to-date on projects I'm working on but I'm currently working on towel tops and I can finish several of those in a day. I will be showing the tricot tops in the next couple of days, I just need to resize the photos so they're not too big. I have also finished my Christmas towels so I will take some more photos. I am particularly pleased with the way the three colour tricot tops have come out.

I have a queen size bed cover that I want to take a photo of but I need the bed to be vacant so that I can spread it out, and there is a blanket that Sue made that is currently draped over the back of the couch that I think is pretty good, and a latch hook rug that I made years ago when I was into latch hook. I'll try and get photos of these in the next few days.

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