Saturday, December 18, 2010

The week that was #9

This week has seen the usual rounds of gym, crochet, band practice and other activities although it didn't finish on a very high note.

I managed to finish a few projects - a tea cosy ( and a couple of book marks - and do a little work on the bear and Sue armrest cover.

This morning I went out to Thurgoona to try and sell my wares but it wasn't a good day. I did manage to sell one of the tea cosies which covered the cost of the stall, but the weather was atrocious. Shortly after getting the gazebo and the table set up we had a first shower which meant I couldn't hang anything from the gazebo, which is a pain because I don't have enough table space for everything. when the sun came out everyone thought that that was it for the rain so we finished setting up and settled in. I even managed to do a couple of rows on the crest before the next shower came through, this time with a bit of wind, so I had to hold down the gazebo. We got another hour of sunshine before the rumblings of thunder could be heard and that is when I decided that enough was enough and started to pack up. I managed to get most of the gear into its plastic tubs before the storm hit but quite a bit got soaked (including me) and I needed some help preventing the gazebo from going east.

After getting home and getting out of my wet clothes and into something more comfortable we received a message indicating the the Community Carols had been canceled (no real surprise there except that we had originally been told that there was an alternative venue in case of rain).

Maybe I should have guessed that this wasn't going to be a good day when the light bulb in the study blew when I went in to do my morning reading.

Well, the next market isn't until February (unless I can find another one somewhere in the meantime) so all the Christmas gear that I didn't sell this year will just have to get packed away until next year. I just hope I can find it when the time comes as I seem to have a habit of forgetting where I put them.


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