Friday, October 14, 2011

FO Friday 14-10-2011

Another Friday has come and I have 2 items to show off today.

While at Myrtleford Flea Market last Saturday a young girl was admiring Tommy Turtle but wasn't real happy when I told her the price. It seems she collects turtle so I offered to make her a small one and have it for her next month. It only took a couple of days to make.

Small Turtle with a pink shell.
 The other item finished this week is another tree.

Christmas Tree in Variegated Green
I'm not sure why the colours on this one came out so wrong while the colours on the turtle were so good. Both photos were taken in about the same place, at about the same angle and within 10 minutes of each other so the lighting shouldn't have changed that much. One day I'll figure this out.

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  1. The turtle is very cute! I like the tree. There's never any knowing why the colors don't turn out.

  2. Very kind of you to make a special order for the turtle collector! She's going to love it!