Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Week That Was 22-10-2011

Another busy week has come to an end. Most of the week was the usual routine of gym, pool and crochet class and even today wasn't particularly special with our monthly trip to Benalla markets but you can see from my WIP Wednesday and FO Friday posts that I have been quite busy.

Today's market wasn't looking real good for a while there. By 11:00 (more than 3 hours after we had finished setting up) all I had been paid was compliments. Now compliments are all very nice and they can make me feel real good about the work I'm doing, but they don't pay the bills. We did get a few sales  with our first sale around 11:00 and another 2 sales in the next couple of hours put us over our break even amount so we can say it was a good day. I think I may need to check my Madeit store to make sure I'm not trying to sell something that's already sold.

While at the market I ran into a small problem, I ran out of the yarn that I was using for the border of my Tunisian Crochet Mitred Square Blanket and now I have to decide what to do about it. I don't think there is much choice as I don't think the yarn is available anywhere. It was a ball I picked up at one of those $2 shops so I suspect it was an end of line run. This means that my only other option is to undo as far as I can and change to another colour. It may look a little odd with half the border done in one colour and the other half done in another but I don't see that I have much choice.

I also got out my entries for this weeks Albury Show today. One of them needed a bit of fixing as a couple of ends were sticking out. Now all I need to do is attach the tickets to them and deliver them to the show grounds. I'm still trying to commit a few design to paper for next years show and having a little trouble with getting motivated. I really need to finish off some other projects before I get started on new ones.

That's it for this week. God bless you all richly in the week to come.


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