Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Week That Was 08-10-2011

This week has seen a bit of a slow down on the crafting front, mainly due to no craft group or crochet class (crochet class will be back next week after the school holidays). We did get out to Myrtleford today for the flea market but didn't sell much.

So for I have 3 Christmas Trees ready for decorations and plan on starting on angels and other ornaments soon. I've had to delay the Christmas stuff for a couple of days while I make a small turtle for a young girl (an order received at this morning's market). I've managed to get the shell done and should be able to finish it completely tomorrow. I could have left it for a few weeks as the next market in Myrtleford isn't until 12 Nov but there's no point in putting these things off.


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