Sunday, December 4, 2011

And His name shall be called Wonderful

So many people get excited to see Santa Claus arriving at Christmas. Did Jesus' arrival cause that much excitement? The Bible tells us that it did.
There was no actual Bible reading this morning but you can find the title of this morning's sermon in Isaiah 9:6.

There are more than 256 names used for Christ in the Bible. Most of us have nicknames and these are often descriptive. In the same way, Jesus' names describe him.

The first reaction to Christ's birth was wonder. At other times during His life His miracles elicited wonder. Isaiah says that on of His names would be "Wonderful Counsellor" and this is just one of the many descriptions of Christ.

We need to share about our experiences, relationship and what we know about this wonderful Jesus with all that will listen.

May God bless you richly this week.


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  1. Prince of Peace :))
    I have been watching a lovely utube Christmas Childrens Nativity play . they are from NZ.. it really was precious.