Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Week That Was 10-12-2011

If you thought that my weeks are busy with gym and crochet, this week was even busier and I didn't get to the gym.

On Monday, the community centre where I teach crochet had an open day so I took a few items down to put on display so that people could have a look at the sort of things I could teach them to make. We had a good look around at what everybody else had been doing during the year, listened to the singing group and then had lunch before packing up our things and going home. It was a good day.

On Wednesday the craft group had a break-up lunch at one of the local pubs. We didn't do a gift swap for this one but we did have a lovely meal. I had to duck out for a little while to deposit a Christmas tree at a local church for their annual charity christmas tree festival.

On Thursday our Aqua group had a christmas lunch organised and we did do a christmas gift swap. I was a little disappointed that the gifts that I had put in were the last to be picked but that could have been because everyone seemed to want the larger gifts and I had put in a couple of crocheted bookmarks. The people that received them seemed to appreciate them though so it was all good.

Thursday night we had our first carolling gig at a local hardware store. Members of our corps were also involved in running the bar-b-que which the store provide for charity organisations to raise a little extra money.

Friday we kinda veged out until the evening when we headed down to the christmas tree festival to listen to a choir. I received quite a few positive comments about my little tree and quite a few people had gone to a lot of trouble putting their trees together.

Today was supposed to be market day at Myrtleford but it was a wash out. While I didn't manage to sell anything (I didn't even get it out of the boxes) I did buy a few jars (marmalade, chutney and pickles) from one of the other stall holders. He hadn't actually set up but he was able to find the items in the back of his truck.

The last couple of Fridays I have been asked questions about some of the things I have made but I never know where I should answer them. Should I just add a comment to my blog, should I send them an email or should I just answer the question in a future FO Friday post?

Next week won't be nearly as busy as this week so I'm looking forward to veging out in front of the TV with my crocheting and see what progress can be made.

That's it for this week. Hope you all had a good week where ever you are.


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