Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jesus as Counsellor

This morning we continued with the names of Jesus as  set out in Isaiah 9:6, and I should have taken more notes but I was told that I would be able to view the sermon on-line, but there seem to be a few teething problems with the "youversion" version of the sermon notes. Ah well, that just means that I will have to rely on my faulty memory.

Do you know where you get your name from and what it means? Names can be significant. My father and one of my uncles (one of my mother's brothers I think) were pacing so much during my birth that mum thought it only fitting that I be named after them. My uncle's middle name is Richard and my father's middle name is James so I got named Richard James. The name" Richard" gives me a lot to live up to as it means "faithful and true".

Understanding Jesus' names helps us to understand Him.

By an evil counsellor (the devil in the guise of a snake) sin came into the world. By a righteous counsellor (Jesus) sin was taken away.

Most Americans seem to have a therapist, someone they go to for counselling and guidance. We have someone better than a human counsellor, we have Christ.

Do you turn to Christ for counsel whenever you have a decision to make? We all need a guide, a counsellor, an advocate and or a therapist. Jesus can be all that and more.

May God bless you richly this week.


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