Friday, December 9, 2011

FO Friday 09-12-2011

We have had a few Christmas parties this week and one required a $5 dollar gift swap so I made a couple of items for Sue and I to add to the pile.

Angel in Pink

Cross in Purple
I'm not sure if it's cheating or not since these things don't cost us $5, but if anyone were to buy them off us that's what they would pay.

That's all I've managed to finish this week. I need to go and figure out what I'm going to make for next Friday's post. Maybe I'll make another keepsake pouch, that should only take me a few days, and I need one to replace the one I sold a few weeks back anyway.

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  1. Cute little angel, I can see a whole tree with these little angels on it, do you add loops so they could be ornaments?

  2. Yes I do like the pink yarn, a very pretty Angel..