Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Tunisian Short Rows Octagonal Dishcloth

A while ago I featured an octagonal dishcloth on this blog and someone asked if I could do a tutorial on how I made it. It has taken me a while but I finally got around to doing it, unfortunately, my camera isn't real good for close ups so the photos aren't particularly clear so you will have to rely on my written instructions.

I am going to assume that those reading this know how to do chains and tunisian simple stitch. If you don't, there are plenty of tutorials, complete with videos, available on the net.

Since I am using 4 ply cotton I start with 25 chain. You would only need 15 chain if making this in 8 ply (DK) or 10 ply (worsted).

Starting chain
Pick up a stitch in the second chain from hook.

First stitch picked up
 And then do the return pass (yo, pull thru 1 loop, yo pull thru 2 loops).

After first return pass
 Next row, TSS in second vertical bar and in next stitch in chain.

Second row picked up
Do the return pass in the usual manner (yo, pull thru 1 loop, (yo, pull thru 2 loops) twice).

Second row complete
Continue picking up one extra stitch in the chain each row until all stitches in the starting chain have been used.
First segment, all stitches picked up

First segment complete

TSS in the second bar of the row and return.

First row of second segment picked up

First row of second segment complete

TSS in second vb and next vb of last row of first segment.

Second row of second segment picked up
And continue in this manner until all stitches in the final row of the first segment have been use.

Third row picked up
Second segment complete
Continue with the third and subsequent segments the same as the second.

Most of the short rows tunisian dishcloths I've seen have been hexagonal, but when I got to 6 segments I couldn't see any way that this would sit flat once sewn up as there was too big of a gap between the 1st and 6th segments.

Dishcloth after 6 segments complete
So I did 2 more segments, slipped stitched along the last row to neaten it up before cutting the yarn leaving enough tail to sew up the seam.

All 8 segments complete
dish cloth after seam was sewn.
I then re-attached the yarn to the out side and did a dc (US sc) border.

Finished dishcloth with dc border and all ends sewn in.
If you have any questions, bouquets, brickbats, suggestion for more tutorials you think I could show you or any others comments, please don't hold back.

For my next trick, I plan to show you how to make a square using the same technique.


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  1. Ok, I think this is a challenge, I'll give it a go.. you make it look so easy..LOL
    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas day :))