Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Week That Was 03-12-2011

Now that December has arrived it is time for things to start going into hiatus. There are a few things that will continue to run through the summer but a lot of things around here stop for the duration.

Friday morning was the last day of crochet and knit class for this year. Next Monday we get to show off all the things we made in class as we have our open day. I plan on taking in a bit more than just the items I finished as I figure it will be a good way to show people what I can teach them to make.

Next week we also have a couple of Christmas parties and I need to make a couple of $5 gifts for one of them. I really think I should make Sue provide her own gift to give at the party but I guess I'll make it for her anyway.

We also have a house inspection next week so we need to spend a bit of time tidying up and putting things away. While I realise that this is something we should do on an ongoing basis, it's something that both of us have trouble doing, mainly because we both have far more interesting things to be doing.

That's enough prattling for me, time to go and see what everyone else is up to.


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