Friday, December 2, 2011

FO Friday 02-12-2011

Another Friday and another finished object to show off.

Jug Cover
I had 2 reasons for making this this week. Firstly, I needed something relatively quick that I could finish in time for today's post. Secondly, I needed to replace one I sold a couple of weeks ago.

Now, what can I make this week that I can have finished for next Friday? I have a Christmas party coming up this week and need a couple of $5 gifts so I think I will make another cross bookmark and an small angel. I'm sure I can get both of those done in time.

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  1. Love the swirl and the beads on the end are cute too. Is this a cotton washcloth? Oophs, just noticed you labeled the picture, but tell me what a jug cover is??

  2. Very nice! I've seen those made in smaller versions for glassware and they are great! You do a lovely job!