Friday, March 30, 2012

FO Friday 30-03-2012

Another Friday and I've managed to finish another item this week, and here it is.

Baby's Sunhat
Maybe I should have reduce the brightness on this one as you can't see the detail in this photo. There is a bit of a pattern just above the brim but it's quite difficult to get a decent picture of a white object.

I also think I need a model the show off my baby clothes better but the only way that's going to happen is if I make one myself (crocheted, of course). Does anyone have the appropriate measurement for a 3-6 month baby?

As usual, checkout Tami's Amis for FO Friday goodness.



  1. Bahahahaha Hey maybe you could get someone to make one for you! ...Then again the real ones do grow so fast...

    Ps cute hat! Too bad we can't see the texture, though.

  2. check at bevs easy crochet... she has all kinds of sizes listed and the measurements...

  3. That is a sweet hat - I can see it on over a little fat face :)